Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Paypal : Withdraw your money to Malaysian local banks.

Good news for Malaysian registered paypal users. from now on, you can withdraw your paypal money into malaysian local banks or to your cards. On top of that, you also can also pay and receive payment in Malaysia Ringgit (RM).

To add bank accounts, follow the steps below :

MEPS routing code :

Transaction Fee :

Make sure your bank account number is valid. for any failed transaction, paypal will charge you RM15..

selamat mencuba!

Sunday, January 03, 2010

TM Streamyx Super Upgrade Deals

i went to TM point just now to upgrade my streamyx connection under new Super Upgrade Deals. Promotion expires by 31st January 2010.

This promotion comes with 24 months contract.

For upgrading to 1Mbps, no modem provided. Free modem is available for upgrading to 2 or 4 Mbps only.

Packages Offered :


Existing Package : 384kbps

Upgrade to : 512kbps 1Mpbs 2Mpbs 4Mpbs

1st 4 months : RM60 RM90 RM110 RM140
5th months onwards : RM65 RM95 RM120 RM150

Existing Package : 512kbps

Upgrade to : 1Mbps 2Mpbs 4Mbps

1st 4 months : RM90 RM110 RM140
5th months onwards : RM95 RM120 RM150

Existing Package : 1Mbps

Upgrade to : 2Mpbs 4Mbps

1st 4 months : RM110 RM140
5th months onwards : RM120 RM150

Existing Package : 2Mbps

Upgrade to : 4Mbps

1st 4 months : RM140
5th months onwards : RM150

Simple analysis :

users upgrading from 384kpbs to 512 or 1Mpbs enjoys great saving in terms of monthly bill. Similar case for 512kbps users.

Example: existing 512kbps users need to pay RM90 per month for combo package. in Super Deal package, they just need to pay additional RM5 per month to enjoy 1Mpbs speed + Free for the first 4 months. (existing 1Mbps plan = RM110 per month). users could save Rm15 per month! (110 - 95 = RM15 + free 4 months).

For streamyx standard package ( phone bill and internet bill are separated), ask TM. Go to your nearest TM points for details.

i'm waiting for my upgrade plan approved..yeah! :)