Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Kartika to be caned after fasting month

Part-time model Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno, who was scheduled to be caned yesterday for drinking beer, has been released temporarily after religious authorities taking her to the Kajang prison literally made a U-turn.Kartika was released temporarily as it was not advisable for the sentence to be meted out during the fasting month.
She will now be sentenced after Ramadan.
The Pahang Religious Department enforcement officers, who took Kartika in a van from her parent’s house in Sungai Siput near here, only went 200m away from the house before they were ordered to send her back.
Kartika faces six strokes of the rotan for drinking beer in public but caning was deferred at the 11th hour.
In Kuantan, Pahang’s Religious Affairs, Dakwah, Unity and NGOs committee chairman Datuk Mohd Sahfri Abdul Aziz said the state religious department enforcement officers had gone to Kartika’s house in Sungai Siput, Perak, yesterday to

issue a warrant of arrest for her to be sent to the Kajang Prison for the whipping sentence to be carried out.
At the same time, they received a letter from the Attorney-General’s Chambers advising them to release Kartika temporarily.
However, the sentence remains. She will be caned after the fasting month.
The 32-year-old mother of two girls told reporters outside the district police contingent here in Kuala Kangsar that she wants to be whipped.
“No matter what, I still stand by my decision that I want to be whipped", said Katrina.
On July 20, the Pahang Syariah High Court had fined Kartika RM5,000 and ordered her to be given six strokes of the rotan after she pleaded guilty to drinking beer at a hotel lounge in Cherating last year.
Shukarnor told reporters that he and his daughter had lodged separate police reports to safeguard themselves in the matter.
The 60-year-old resort operator explained that Kartika had decided to go through with the caning to put an end to the agony she and the family had to go through for the past year.
This case has caught international attention from most of the countries in the world. From Australia to Indonesia, Thailand, China, Germany, the United States and Britain, news of her impending sentence has thrust Kartika into the international limelight and into most blog chats.

CNN (Cable News Network), BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) and other leading television stations have also highlighted her case as one of the top stories of the day.
They carried a story of her predicament yesterday, especially when her sentence was temporarily aborted because of the fasting month.
It was also among the top stories for CNN and BBC with both websites listing it as the fifth most popularly read story.
A Google search for her full name resulted in 63,900 hits while there were over 1,700 news stories on Kartika.
There was also a Facebook account listed as “HELP Kartika Sari Dewi Shukarno”.
Hopefully, this will be a good lesson to all muslims.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Penang Hard Rock Cafe will be opened soon

The opening of Malaysia's first Hard Rock Hotel in Penang next month is set to generate up to RM10 million for the island-state's economy.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang general manager John Primmer said the figure includes wages and spin-offs to local businesses, including transportation companies and an estimated 100 local vendors.

Three Rock Shop merchandise outlets (in the hotel) will be opened, offering 150 items from t-shirts, caps, pins to Hard Rock souvenirs.

These outlets are located at different parts of the hotel and each shop carries a different range of items and it will be Rock Shop by the main driveway to the hotel will allow convenience and access to the public who are not hotel guests.

The RM150 million Hard Rock Hotel Penang will open its doors on September 19 and has created over 200 jobs.

Friday, August 21, 2009

New template..


i updated this blog with new template yesterday. i forgot to copy over all my widgets configuration data from previous template..all gone! need to create a new one...:(..

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

FLYKLIA. Next Generation KLIA portal for passengers

MAHB and KLIA launched the web portal which provides an itinerary builder that integrates all airlines schedules and fares, including full service carriers and low-cost carriers.

This facilities will help the passengers to travel in our airport(
KLIA) in a more comfortable manner. Currently, there are 54 airlines in KLIA featured in the website. KLIA Airport operator will add more airlines as they come on board.

The itinerary builder was developed in partnership with an Iceland-based technology company which provides

innovative technology solutions for the travel industry.

The Flight Planner, which is free to use, searches more than 660 airlines worldwide for the best flights and connections available. The search results include links to airlines and other travel portals where travellers can book flights directly.

The portal would be continually enhanced and for the next phase of development, MAHB is already looking at including hotel booking engine which will compare prices for properties in and outside Malaysia.

MAHB also plans to add an Airport Frequent Connector Loyalty programme, which is aimed at rewarding the frequent travellers. (source : bernama)

glossary :
MAHB - Malaysia Airport Holding Berhad
KLIA - Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

20 contoh soalan temuduga SPA

Contoh-contoh soalan temuduga SPA.

1. Apa yang anda tahu tentang Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam (SPA)? Apakah peranan peranan yang dimainkan oleh SPA?

2. Kerajaan memperkenalkan konsep KPI(Key performance Index) untuk mengukur kecekapan dan keberkesanan menteri menteri yang dilantik di dalam kabinet. Boleh anda ulas sedikit tentang ini?

3. Selain daripada KPI, apa lagi langkah langkah atau mekanisme yang membolehkan sesebuah majikan mengukur kemampuan seseorang pekerja?

4. Anda baru dilantik ke sebuah jabatan kerajaan. Anda mendapati, terdapat beberapa kepincangan dalam beberapa proses dan prosedur perkhidmatan yang diberikan oleh jabatan anda. Sebagai orang bawah yang baru sahaja bekerja, bagaimana anda boleh mengutarakan pendapat anda kepada pegawai lain yang lebih tinggi pangkatnya?

5. Aung San Suu Kyi adalah pejuang demokrasi yang dinafikan hak hak kemanusiaan oleh negaranya Myanmar. Sebagai sebuah negara yang berada di kerantauan yang sama, apa yang boleh dilakukan oleh Malaysia untuk menyuarakan kerisauan antarabangsa dan dalam masa yang sama mengekalkan hubungan diplomatik kedua dua hala?

6. Bagaimana anda boleh menyelesaikan konflik atau perselisihan pendapat dengan rakan sekerja anda?

7. Setakat yang anda tahu, apakah tugas tugas yang bakal dipikul oleh Juruukur (atau jawatan yang dipohon) di jabatan ini?

8. Kenapa anda yang harus kami pilih, dan bukan calon lain? Apa kelebihan anda?

9. Apakah kelemahan anda yang harus kami ketahui? Adakah anda melakukan sebarang perkara yang akan membantu anda mengatasi kelemahan tersebut?

10. Sebagai seorang jurutera, selain daripada kepakaran teknikal, apa lagi kemahiran lain yang perlu ada pada beliau untuk membina sebuah kerjaya yang cemerlang dan membolehkan beliau menjadi seorang jurutera yang serba boleh?

11. Di manakah anda 5 tahun dari sekarang?

12. Sebagai seorang pegawai sumber manusia, apakah strategi yang boleh anda lakukan untuk memastikan tahap motivasi pekerja di semua jabatan atau unit berada pada tahap yang tertinggi?

13. Mengapa anda memohon jawatan ini?

14. Kenapa jawatan dalam kerajaan yang dipilih. Kenapa tidak swasta? Apa kelebihan dan kekurangan bekerja dengan kerajaan berbanding dalam sektor swasta?

15. Pada pendapat anda, adakah sistem pendidikan di negara ini berada pada landasan yang betul? Apa yang anda mahu lihat pada sistem pendidikan yang masih belum ada buat masa ini?

16. Sebagai pereka lanskap, apakah langkah langkah yang perlu diambil, serta faktor faktor yang mesti diambil kira sebelum anda melakukan sebarang rekaan di atas kertas?

17. Nyatakan sebarang pencapaian atau keterlibatan anda dalam membangunkan sistem teknologi maklumat, samaada di tempat kerja sebelum ini, di universiti atau di tempat tempat lain.

18. Jika anda keluar dari sektor swasta dan masuk ke jabatan kerajaan, bagaimana anda boleh meyakinkan kami bahawa anda tidak akan keluar dan masuk semula ke sektor swasta?

19. Seorang pegawai kerajaan akan sentiasa menghadapi kemungkinan untuk dipindah lokasi dan tempat bekerja. Terangkan respons anda terhadap komitmen sebegini. Bagaimana anda akan menyelesaikan segala cabaran yang muncul dalam proses perpindahan ini?

20. Nyatakan satu contoh di mana anda telah menonjolkan bakat kepemimpinan semulajadi dalam melaksanakan sesuatu aktivit atau program yang besar dan berjaya.

rasa-rasanya yakin tak nak jawab soalan-soalan ni? kepada sesiapa yang nak join government, bleh test jawab soalan ni..

selamat mencuba..:)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Survey : Genting directors are highest paid

GENTING Bhd topped the list in the "highest-paid directors" survey, with a big payout of RM81.98 million to its board last year.

According to a leading Malaysian business magazine, the annual survey revealed that the top-50 firms in terms of total payouts generously forked out RM553 million in 2008.

The payout for the top-10 companies alone was nearly RM300 million, the business magazine said. This show that despite the slowing economy, listed companies paid their directors a higher remuneration in 2008 compared to 2007.

Boardroom remuneration has become a hot topic in the current economic environment, with directors seen as reaping huge rewards as investors faced dwindling share values, the magazine said.

The survey report, which appeared in the August 16 issue, listed 630 firms that paid their top-earning directors RM300,000 and above for financial year 2008, amounting to a total of RM1.7 billion to their boards collectively.


Genting had the highest remuneration band of RM77.65 million to RM77.7 million for a single director, according to the survey, but the firm did not name who it was.

The top executive listed for Genting is its chairman and chief executive officer Tan Sri Lim Kok Thay.

IOI Corporation Bhd came in second as the company doubled the payout to its board members last year to RM45.16 million, of which the bulk went to a key director who received a sum in the RM41.1 million to RM41.15 million band.

"We assume that this recipient would be IOI Corp director and founder Tan Sri Lee Shin Cheng," said the magazine.

Other firms with the highest remuneration bands for a single director were Genting's subsidiary, Genting Malaysia Bhd (formerly Resorts World), which paid out RM37.25 million and above to its top executive.

But these payouts might have been paid to the same person, giving rise to the possibility of double counting, the magazine said.

SP Setia, a firm that has consistently kept to high governance standards, came in fourth as it upped the remuneration of group managing director Tan Sri Liew Kee Sin by 32 per cent to RM10.26 million on the back of increased profitability, according to the magazine.

Tan Sri Teh Hong Piow, chairman and founder of Public Bank, was back on the list as the highest-paid director at the bank, with a remuneration package totalling RM6.96 million.

The bank's managing director and chief executive officer, Tan Sri Tay Ah Lek, who was the highest paid in 2007, received RM5.15 million in 2008, the magazine said.

The magazine noted that SP Setia and Public Bank were among the handful of companies which disclosed the exact remuneration received by each director.

"Sadly, only about five per cent or 44 companies were transparent in stating the exact remuneration of their top executive.

Interestingly, several companies with huge losses still rewarded their directors with huge payouts," it said.

Ancom Bhd propelled to the top 10 list when its top executive received a huge increase in remuneration in 2008 compared to the previous year, the magazine said.

It said that other notable shifts came from firms like DRB-Hicom Bhd and Huline Bhd, whose biggest increases in remuneration to their single top executive got them a place in the top 50 list.

Bumiputra-Commerce Holdings Bhd cut its total director payout by close to half last year to RM10.54 million from RM17.37 million.

In tandem, remuneration to its key director, Datuk Seri Nazir Razak was down to RM5.13 million from RM9.35 million the bank paid him in 2007.

This pushed the company to the 12th spot in the survey from the sixth spot previously, the magazine added.(bernama)

how about GLCs directors? are they being paid huge amount of money too?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

New National Automobile Policy by end Sept 2009

The Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI) is expecting to finalise the review of the National Automotive Policy by the end of next month, according to a report from Bernama.

The NAP review will take into account the various automotive policies worldwide, including Thailand's, which ha
s been highly successful.

International Trade and Industry Minister Datuk Mustapa Mohamed said that Thailand, known as the "Detroit of Asia", had a sound automotive policy, and that "we acknowledge Thailand's strength in the industry; it started late but is now a giant in the field," he told Malaysian journalists in Bangkok, where he is attending the 41st Asean Economic Ministers Meeting.

Thailand, which does not have a nationa
l carmaker, has 14 automobile assembly plants owned by major automotive manufacturers; these produce a total of 1.2mil vehicles a year, with more than 50% of production exported to over 100 countries annually.

Mustapa did not elaborate on the possible changes in the revised policy. The DPM, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin, had said in May that the Malaysian automotive industry needed to be energised and revitalised to boost investment, and it is believed that Malaysia wants to remove rules which protect the auto industry from foreign competition in order to achieve this aim.

When the NAP came into place in 2006, the government reduced import taxes on most imported vehicles and lowered car prices in an attempt to make the country a regional auto hub, though this has not happened; critics have voiced that there are still barriers to protect Proton and Perodua, the national carmakers.

He noted the policy was important due to the crucial nature of the industry that employs some 120,000 people and is key to the country’s industrialisation programme. “Now we are going through a difficult period, therefore we need to build up our capacity. We also have to position ourselves to meet future challenges. We have to be in-line with current global developments,” he added.

“We have to re-examine who qualifies to retain incentives from the government and are cars within Asean allowed into Malaysia with only five per cent duty because before this, there was no differentiation between cars manufactured in Asean and Europe,” he

Mustapa also hinted that the government plans to liberalise the auto industry in the near future and is confident that the national automaker is able to overcome the challenges.
“We have opened up over the years. We started with very high tariffs. It was a very protected market but it is now more and more open.

The competition is good and I think Proton is ready to face the challenges of intense competition. That is the name of the game. You must be able to compete and be efficient.

So in terms of going forward, I think Proton has done a lot in the last few years in enhancing its competitive position and I know that Proton will continue to do that,” he concluded.

it'll be interesting to see what changes come about in the review. :)

source : the star, asean auto biz

Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm one of the Lucky winner of the Home Shirt Launch Prize Draw

hari ni dapat email dari ManU..i'm one of the lucky winner of the Home Shirt Launch Prize Draw..dapat jumpa 3 members of ManU first-team squad..tapi, tak dapat nak pi la..jauh giler..:(

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pemergian Ustaz Asri, satu kehilangan besar kepada industri nasyid tanah air

Vokalis kumpulan nasyid Rabbani, Ustaz Mohd Asri Ibrahim, 40, disahkan meninggal dunia kurang sejam yang lalu akibat serangan jantung di Hospital Pantai, Bangsar.

Menurut rakannya, Azadan, jenazah arwah Asri akan dibawa ke Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) selepas ini.

Dimaklumkan, arwah meninggal dunia selepas jatuh pengsan semasa memberikan ucapan dalam sidang media program 'Syahadah' di Angkasapuri, Radio Televisyen Malaysia (RTM) kira-kira pukul 10.30 pagi tadi.

Pada dua hari lalu, Asri bersama anggota Rabbani yang lain menghadiri majlis sidang media dan memeterai satu lagi perjanjian kerjasama bersama Hotel Singgahsana untuk terus membuat persembahan di hotel tersebut sepanjang bulan ramadan yang bakal tiba nanti.

Rabbani akan mengadakan persembahan sepanjang ramadan di Hotel Singgahsana sambil menghiburkan para pengunjung yang hadir serta menikmati hidangan yang bertemakan 'Citarasa Ramadan 1 Malaysia' bermula 1 Ramadan nanti.

Rabbani telah bekerjasama dengan Hotel Singgahsana selama 18 tahun dan sejak itu Rabbani telah menghiburkan para pengunjung hotel tersebut yang datang untuk berbuka puasa dengan persembahan 'live' mereka.

Dalam sidang media itu, Asri berkata mengadakan persembahan di Hotel Singgahsana merupakan satu ibadah bagi dirinya.

"Saya rasa ibadah puasa saya tidak lengkap jika tidak mengadakan persembahan di hotel ini. Orang kata bulan puasa kalau boleh kurangkan bekerja, banyakkan ibadah, tetapi pada saya ini merupakan ibadah saya," katanya.

Asri dilahirkan pada 3 Ogos 1969 di Klang, Selangor.

Arwah meninggalkan seorang balu, Halizah Shahzan, 39, dan enam orang anak.

Asri menyertai kumpulan nasyid terkenal itu sejak ia ditubuhkan secara rasmi pada 1 Mac 1997 dengan dianggotai oleh sembilan orang termasuknya.

Asri juga pernah menyanyi secara duet dengan beberapa penyanyi terkenal seperti Mawi menerusi lagu 'Saksi' dan 'Mentari Merah Di Ufuk Timur' nyanyian bersama Amy Search.

Kehilangan Asri kini bermakna hilanglah tunjang Rabbani memandangkan arwah banyak menyumbangkan kemajuan prestasi sekaligus memberikan kejayaan kepada Rabbani.

Atas kejayaan itu, maka tidak hairanlah jika Rabbani dijulang sebagai Penyanyi/Artis Nasyid Popular di Anugerah Bintang Popular (ABP) selama lapab tahun berturut-turut.

Tidak kurang juga anugerah yang dicapai di Anugerah Industri Muzik (AIM) seperti Album Nasyid Terbaik 2001 (Iqrar - 1421), Vokal Berkumpulan Terbaik Dalam Album 2001 (Iqrar-1421), Album Terbaik 2001 (Iqrar-1421), Album Nasyid Terbaik 2002 (Intifada), Album Nasyid Terbaik 2003 (Qiblat) serta Album Nasyid Terbaik 2009 (Nostalgia Nada Murni) dan Lagu Nasyid Terbaik 2009 (Bila Nur Melimpah Di Hati).

Kemunculan Rabbani yang turut dianggotai oleh Mohd. Asri Baidul @ Ubaidullah, Azadan Abdul Aziz, Muhammad Luqman Abd Aziz, Muhammad Rithauddeen Yaakob, Mohamad Afandi Shahbudin, Ahmad Shafie, Nazrul Azhar Tamrin dan Zulkiflee Azman ini adalah dengan konsep yang tersendiri.

Dalam tempoh lebih 12 tahun berada dalam industri ini, Rabbani telah menghasilkan 19 buah album seperti 'ARAH Dari Mana… Ke Mana…' (1997), 'Pergi Tak Kembali' (1999), 'Intifada' (2000), 'Yalla Beena' (2004) dan yang terbaru, 'Nostalgia Nada Murni'.

Bermula dengan berkonsepkan nasyid klasik, melalui irama-irama yang dipetik dari Timur Tengah, Afrika dan Andalusia, kemudian diadun dan diolah mengikut citarasa yang sesuai dengan era yang terkini.

Juga dipersembahkan bersesuaian dengan citarasa remaja.

Disamping itu ditampilkan dengan adunan muzik ala melayu timur dan digabungkan dengan adunan muzik timur tengah.

Dan kini Rabbani muncul pula dengan konsep yang lebih global dalam bidang muzik tanpa mengurangkan kualiti mesej yang akan disampaikan dengan menampilkan world music didalam lagu-lagu terbarunya.

Ini adalah untuk menjadikan irama nasyid ini akan terus segar dari semasa ke semasa dan terus diminati oleh semua golongan tanpa mengira had bangsa dan negara.

Bagaimanapun dalam menyampaikan irama nasyid ini mesej adalah yang paling utama sekali dengan berpersepsikan bentuk nasihat, dakwah dan panduan.

Sekurang-kurangnya sedikit demi sedikit pendidikan secara tidak langsung itu berjaya masuk ke ruang fikiran sambil berhibur.

Lantaran itu juga boleh mendorong sikap kita ke arah kebaikan.