Thursday, September 04, 2008

20 Myths of Entrepreneurship

1. An entrepreneur is born and not made

2. Money is always the number one motivation for an entrepreneur

3. It takes a lot of money to start a business

4. A great business has the best business plan

5. An entrepreneur is destined for financial freedom

6. Being an entrepreneur always means being your own boss

7. Entrepreneurs always work longer hours

8. Money is the most important tool for a start up business

9. A person needs to have a business experience before starting one

10. A successful entrepreneur has the best product in the market

11. Young entrepreneurs have the highest rate of success

12. Starting a business is an answer to an unhappy job

13. One business failure and that’s the end for an entrepreneur

14. A good business idea means you can easily get financial help

15. A successful entrepreneur can be a successful salaried worker

16. A successful salaried worker can be a successful entrepreneur

17. All entrepreneurs have high degree of stress threshold

18. Most entrepreneurs are the gambling lots

19. An entrepreneur can be successful only in the location he is familiar with

20. An entrepreneur can be successful only in the field he is familiar with

taken from skorcareer website

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