Thursday, March 12, 2009

Apple's iphone has arrived in Malaysia

hi guys,

Apple's i-phone just arrived in Malaysia!:)

check this out. the new package for Maxis I-phone 3G. i captured a few packages for your reference(6, 12 and 24 months contract). you are eligable to but the phone at stated price, depending what type of plan you take. for example, 12-months contract and plan iValue 2(refer to figure below). so, you need to pay monthly commitment of Rm155 and you will the i-phone at the price of RM1780 or RM1870. you will be given "free" minutes of 667 per month. so, if you use less than that, you still need to pay RM155 per month. Advance payment will be refunded within a few months after activation.

Example : 12-months contract (i-value)

Monthly commitment - Rm155
I-phone price - RM1870 (assume you choose 16GB iphone)
Advance payment - Rm200 (will be refund in 6 months)

Total initial cost : Rm2225.

12-months contract

to those who interested or eager to have this phone, go to maxis center now or booking online.
i dont know whether celcom or DiGi also have this package. i think Maxis is pioneer telco to sell i-phone with the line package in malaysia now.


Mohd Naim said...

damm! really pricey! who want to buy thus stupid the US, they sell iphone only USD199 (RM739) with 12 month contract...

Mohd Farhan said...

haha..yup..pricey..if you can afford to buy, then go ahead. but, before you buy please survey and compare with other phone also, like PDA or smartphone. find the one that suits you the most. i'm not i-phone fan, just wanna share with the readers here.

Rose said...

well, u can't beat the price for iPhone 16GB in UK with just GBP391.44 (2,017.06 MYR)in pay as you go (similar to prepaid in Msia). For monthly contract tariff, it's free of charge!!.with GBP44 a month.

Mohd Farhan said..., wanna buy i-phone for me? haha..iphone still new in Malaysia, and price of course will be pricey. just wait after a year, the price will definitely reduce..