Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Health or Healing ?

People think of their health in one of two ways. They will either invest their thoughts and money into creating great health OR they will spend money to heal their body when they are sick.

Whatever your attitude, the simple fact is that you cannot enjoy life if you are sick, so it it wise to learn about anything that will help you achieve better health, or heal faster when you are sick. Most People can remember the last time they were sick, but can YOU remember the last time you felt really well ?

The world is full of advise on how you can become or stay healthy. The basics or exercise, sound diet and reduced stress are obvious, yet most people have stressed lives, poor diets, live in polluted environments, take medication which has side effects and most importantly, their bodies are under constant attack from pathogens which cause illnesses.

 Spend money to create great health OR spend money to heal your body when you are sick ? you decide!

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