Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Intel Launches Fastest Processor on the Planet


The world’s most powerful general purpose processor, Nehalem Core i7—is already being sharked up and put to some mind-blowing new uses, both by creative professionals and by Intel employees who’ve been taking our chip for “test drives.” Here are a few of our photo picks from the event.

Randall Rickert is an LA-based digital artist and animator of TV shows and documentaries. Ever heard of “pirate technology”? No, not “pirated technology.” Randall is working on an animated project to show how olden-day seafaring pirates used technology to ply their, uh, trade. His images involve water, shimmering surfaces, shadows. He says his new Intel Core i7 system makes his work vastly faster.

Christian Schneider is a filmmaker who, like a number of other multimedia artists, came to the Core i7 launch to show what is creatively possible with our new processor. This Intel event featured working professionals using our products, a significant departure from the usual reliance on Intel-run demos.

This supercool demo showed live, so-called “marker-less” motion tracking. A series of cameras capture your motion, and process it real-time. Behind the scenes, there’s a torrent of data being crunched. Applications for this technology—running on Intel Core i7 systems—include custom-made clothing (it will fit better) and custom-made sporting gear such as bicycles (it can be manufactured to your exact ergonomic needs). And, of course, gaming.

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