Saturday, August 22, 2009

Penang Hard Rock Cafe will be opened soon

The opening of Malaysia's first Hard Rock Hotel in Penang next month is set to generate up to RM10 million for the island-state's economy.

Hard Rock Hotel Penang general manager John Primmer said the figure includes wages and spin-offs to local businesses, including transportation companies and an estimated 100 local vendors.

Three Rock Shop merchandise outlets (in the hotel) will be opened, offering 150 items from t-shirts, caps, pins to Hard Rock souvenirs.

These outlets are located at different parts of the hotel and each shop carries a different range of items and it will be Rock Shop by the main driveway to the hotel will allow convenience and access to the public who are not hotel guests.

The RM150 million Hard Rock Hotel Penang will open its doors on September 19 and has created over 200 jobs.

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